"So glad the DTLR is a quiet space to focus on the artist performing."
Susan R.

"Keep up the great work.  DTLR is a gem in the Queen City crown."
Anne K.

"You provide such wonderful entertainment for Cincinnatians and the surrounding area. Everyone loves that the evening is so personal and intimate – very rare!"  Nancy B.
"It amazes me how much work you put into each DTLR evening! The people who don't attend are crazy!!!"  Janet U.
"This place is a jewel!"  
Lynn P.
“What a fantastic show."  
Mark L.
"Wow. What a great night!" 
William F.
“We had a fantastic time! We have never been to a Listening Room before. We will definitely be back!"  
Joe B.
"It was a great evening." 
Bonne P.
"Such a terrific evening of music and fun."
 Diane C.


"Our group of friends really enjoy the DTLR concept and the hospitality you show everyone."
Anne K.
"We had a great time and look forward to more great listening to come. Great job!"  
Steve B.
"Great night! So inspired by your vision for a Listening Room. It was a great experience listening to the artist’s craft. What a delight!"  
Bill M.
"TheDTLR is a great idea and a great way for smaller artists to be heard and get exposure. Trying to find places to play that actually listens is hard so I love playing at this venue."  
Charlie M.
"Congrats on a great event. You're off to a great start. I'm listening the artist’s album as I type this."  
Dave F.
"Thank you for such a great evening! The acts were incredible. And the environment couldn't be beat. Most of all, thanks for your hospitality. It was an evening we won't forget."  
Chad S.
"Congratulations and best wishes for continued success."  
Patrick E.
"Way to go!"  
Nancy A.
"The house concert concept with family and friends is so personal and intimate. We love that the audience is quiet and respectful and actually listens to the performers. It’s great to go to a show and actually hear it!"  
Scott & Diana S.